Do you ever feel lonely? Have you ever gone a day or more without talking to someone?

Hi, I’m Mark, and I created The Lighthouse to provide a daily dose of warmth and company to anyone who needs it. Whether you’re going through something right now or just need to hear a friendly voice, you’re so welcome here.

I first started this in 2020 during the UK’s first lockdown. Now, loneliness and isolation have gone from an acute problem to a chronic one. While it feels to some like the pandemic is over, for lots of people it’s still very much ongoing.

But that might not be the only reason you feel like you’d like some company around now.

This isn’t a sleep cast, although you certainly don’t have to pay attention to me. You can just pop me in your ears and get yourself cosy. I’ll tell you about my day, and you can leave me a voicemail to keep the conversation going. It’s a bit like how the Shipping Forecast would sound if it cared about your day.

You can find new daily episodes and follow the show at